Random Thoughts from J. Awkward Prufrock

Man, I’ve really been sucking at the blogging thing lately!

Actually, I’ve just been sucking lately.

I used to write and do things (like my job…sometimes…occasionally) out of my office, but now my company is in the middle of weird and drawn out relocation process, so I am working out of my apartment. My apartment has terrible lighting and uncomfortable chairs. I tried that whole working out of a café thing but the café with the most seating is on the way to the park and thus distracting doggie passersby frequently occurred.

If I were half as good at focusing as I am at making excuses, well, I’d probably have at least one viable skill by now. But alas, here we are!

My apartment, I will also admit, is woefully uninspiring. I live with three mid-20s gentlemen. We have pizza boxes. And a dead bird on our back ledge that has not decomposed one bit over the past year, which says a lot about preservatives in modern food. I am now convinced if I eat enough Kraft, I will become immortal.

Then, there’s TV. Man I love watching TV. I remember when it was cool to say you didn’t watch TV. I’m really glad Netflix nipped that in the butt. What’s weird is that I rarely expand my horizons. I watch the same shows over and over again. I put on an episode of Gilmore Girls a couple weeks ago and man oh man was that a mistake. Now not only am I spending hours of my week watching episodes of a show I’ve already seen, I’m also realizing that this show I used to love isn’t all that great. I used to love the idea of a town where everybody talked fast and made obscure references. Now I’m realizing that they talk fast and make obscure references to cover up their deep-seeded and absurd emotional issues.

You now what’s one thing that bothers me about TV shows? How in one episode, the characters will be going through the couch for pennies and in the next they will throw a big and elaborate party to cheer another character up. And oftentimes, the party is really inconsiderate of others. How many times did Lorelai Gilmore make Sookie drop everything and cook food for her and one of these parties she shouldn’t be able to afford?

I suppose that’s what makes good TV, though. A show about me would consist of me sitting alone in my room, trying not to inconvenience anyone.

And then perhaps the worst happened. I ended up on Reddit. It’s one of those sites I’ve been avoiding (the other being Tumblr) because I know how much time I’ll spend on them. I then discovered the Gilmore Girls sub-Reddit because I was looking up stuff about the upcoming revival. Man, people are really pre-occupied by which boyfriend Rory will choose. I find it kind of funny. I never really considered them a big part of the show. And why does everyone like Jess so much? That guy sucks.

To recap, what I’ve learned this week is that I really need to get off the internet, away from the TV, and out of my apartment in general.

My mind also tends to drift off to weird places when I’m not getting out much.

Some thoughts I’ve had this week:

-It’s kind of weird that, in our language, you can have words that are made entirely of vowels but none that are made entirely of consonants. But then, consonants don’t make any audible noise, and vowels do. I looked it up on my etymology app, and consonant at its root means “sound together,” and vowel means “vocal letter.” It’s also weird that our whole language is made up of 26 letters. Do you think that limits us? Language is such an imperfect system as it is.

-You know what’s also weird? That dating is two-sided but breakups are one-sided. Two people need to agree to a relationship starting but only one has to decide when the relationship is over. You can’t go up to any random person and say, “We’re dating now.” That’s creepy. You can go up to someone and say, “We’re breaking up.” They will be confused but they can’t argue. Oh, life.

-I found an article from three years ago that said the computer industry is working on changing the QWERTY keyboard system. And I’m already getting anxious about learning it.

-I want to make a modern parody of that Fred Astaire movie, Holiday Inn and call it Holiday Inn Express. That is as far as I’ve gotten with its development.

I do have plans for the weekend, which I’m hoping will help spring me back into (comparative) normalcy. Until then!


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts from J. Awkward Prufrock

  1. Speaking of random thoughts, want to help me think of songs I could parody for a Visual Album called “White Girls Be Like,” so far I have a parody of “Love is an Open Door” called “Love is a Vat of Dough” and a stalker version of Beyonce’s Hold Up…just don’t tell to many people about it, I’d rather surprise drop in in the next 2 years just like Queen Bey…


    1. Wait but I love this.

      What I Did for Love=What I Did for Wine
      How to Save a Life=(I Don’t Know) Why I Shaved Tonight
      Janie’s Got a Gun=Janie’s Got a Job
      Dude Looks Like a Lady=Why Do I Want Babies?


  2. Go to cafe with pizza boxes and set up a writer’s cave around your table, blocking all human and doggie distractions. Place dead bird at entrance to warn others not to bother you. And voila……..instant productivity.


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